Medjool Authentica™

In-vitro Medjool Date Palms sourced from our own highly productive Medjool mother palms in California.

California Barhi

In-vitro Barhi Date Palms sourced from our own highly productive Barhi mother palms in California.

We’re an agricultural biotechnology and services company specializing in date palm, arid and semi-arid crop tissue culture.

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Benefits of Date Palm Tissue Culture


Produced in a sterile laboratory environment and grown out in a quarantined green house, our guaranteed healthy and disease free plants are able to meet the most demanding international phytosanitary requirements and provide our customers with an industry-leading product.


Known Source

Every date palm plant produced from our laboratory is traceable to the original high quality, highly productive mother palm located on our Southern California farms. The source of each date palm plant is extremely important to the eventual quality and yield of the fruit. Uniform, true copies of the elite mother plant preserve the desired quality and traits of the original. Make certain you know the source of the plants you purchase for your farm.


Reduce Risk

With survival rates much greater than traditional offshoot planting, and third party genetic fingerprinting to verify true-to-type, our plants reduce our customer’s risk. If our plant doesn’t produce the variety of fruit we promise, Phoenix Agrotech will replace the plant free of charge.


Field Uniformity

With the ability to establish large scale farms in a shorter period of time than traditional methods, field uniformity leads to increased farming efficiencies, lower costs, and more profitable operations.


The Phoenix Lab

Offering Nature's Very Best Date Palms.

Featured Varieties

Phoenix Agrotech offers a wide range of female and male date palm varieties

Of an estimated 3,000 date varieties grown world-wide (Dowson 1982), Medjool is the most desirable because of its large size, soft flesh, excellent taste, and attractive appearance. All Medjools originate from a single palm in the Bou Denib oasis (Zaid 2002) in the Tafilalet region of Saharan Morocco.

In 1902 at Tempe, Arizona, David Fairchild had introduced some offshoots under the name of Berhi; these later proved to be Braim or Burayam, but the name Berhi was still applied to these palms in the Salt River Valley of Arizona as late as 1950.  By 1946, there were about 900 Barhee palms, all in California’s Coachella Valley.

The most widely planted and commercially important date variety in the United States, Deglet Noor originated in Algeria in the late 1600s (Swingle 1904) where it soon became recognized as a superior date.


We’re an agricultural biotechnology and services company specializing in date palm, arid and semi-arid crop tissue culture. 


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