Deglet Noor

Synonyms: Deglet Nour, Deglet Nur
Origin: Algeria
Meaning: Uncertain:  “Date of the light” (Poponoe 1913)
History: The most widely planted and commercially important date variety in the United States, Deglet Noor originated in Algeria in the late 1600s (Swingle 1904) where it soon became recognized as a superior date. A semi-dry date, its fruit were well known in European markets at the time.  It was introduced into the United States at Tempe, Arizona, in 1900, and four years later some of the plants were brought to the Coachella Valley in California.  It was soon evident that Deglet Noor produced much better fruit in California than in Arizona. Demand for offshoots rose dramatically and was so strong that commercial growers in California made several large importations of offshoots from North Africa from 1911 to 1921. Today, Deglet Noor still accounts for about 70 percent total date production in California.


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