Synonyms: Khadrawi, Khadhrawi, Khudrawee
Origin: Iraq
Meaning: Green  (Dowson 1939), referring either to the often-characteristic greenish cast of the just-softening fruit or to the rather distinctive bright green petiole/rachis and leaf base (Poponoe 1913)
History: Although Fairchild introduced Khadrawy, a soft date, in 1902 from Basrah, Iraq, the commercials plantings can be traced to introductions made by Poponoe in 1913.  By 1946 there were 183 acres in California (Byrd, Blair, and Phillips 1947) and about 105 acres in Arizona. In Iraq, there are two varieties that go under the name Khadrawy. The more common and important one, known simply as Khadrawy, is from the Basrah region in the southern part of the country and is one of the primary varieties in that area. The other variety is from Baghdad and the northern Iraq and goes under the name Khadrawy of Baghdad.  This is an entirely different palm, although its fruit is very similar to that of the Basrah Khadrawy.


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